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In the past five years payday loans have become enormously popular. More and more people opt for them every day. However, sometimes they find that such loans are actually not suitable for their needs and their own individual situations. This may be because the high interest rates, because of the short payback period or for some other personal reason.

Thus, this article will presents you with some of the alternatives to the payday loan that might satisfy you after all. These alternatives are either in the form of some other loan or in the form of different other actions that you can perform in order to save or earn some money.

Alternative loans

When it comes to alternative loans, a good option is a Credit Union loan. Actually, with some of their loans, their members can take up to £500 pounds a month. This amount is then repaid monthly, of course, with your next paycheck. In fact, every loan is connected to your cash account and five percent is automatically deducted from it and placed in your savings account creating for you a fund ‘for a rainy day’.

Small banks

Another option that might turn out suitable for you entails loans from small banks. Actually, these banks often offer the same terms such as those of payday loans. However, the difference lies in the smaller interest rate and, not only do they offer a lower interest rate, but they also include no closing fees or costs such as penalties for prepayment.

Further on, we come to short-term installment loans. The main characteristic of this loan is that it allows you to repay the loan within the period of four to six months, unlike the payday loan that usually takes between thirty and forty days. Still, the rest of the process is the same as with the payday loan and you can apply for the short-term installment loan and get your money very quickly. It is also very convenient that, with this loan you can choose the option of closing the loan early and thus avoid the expense of the interest rate.

Negotiate with your existing lender

Apart from these various types of loans, you may also try to negotiate with your lender. In fact, you may work out the plan of repayment that will be more suitable for you. If you fail to reach any kind of favorable agreement with your company, you may also try with some other company that will lend you money to cover the debt of the existing loan and provide you with a better repayment plan.

To sum up, these are some of the most suitable alternatives for payday loans when. Any of the above mentioned types might just suit you, but still, it is highly advisable to thoroughly research before you make the step – the details are what matters the most. The best advice is to use the loan only for what is necessary and do not use a payday loan for shopping, or something frivolous. These loans can end up getting the borrower into a fair bit of trouble if not repaid. Leading to increased costs and more burden on your finances.

Are there alternatives to payday loans?

Now we will deal with the alternatives to payday loans that are actually some simple steps and actions that you may take in order to alleviate the burden of the existing loan or, even better, to get rid of it. Some of those you may find silly and some quite useful, but they can all come in handy depending on the type of your situation. So, let us have a look at some of them.

If you're late with repayment

For instance, you can try and talk to your lender about the due date of your loan. If you know that you will not be able to pay it back, the lender may then let the company know about your situation. In this case, many companies will extend the repayment period (not too much, of course) and without any additional fees such as the late fee and they will not make a report to the credit bureau.

Other options

  • Another useful thing may be asking your employer to give you a payday advance. Basically, this is pretty much the same as payday loan, but you will have no additional fees. Sometimes employers even allow you to repay the debt over a longer period of time – on several succeeding paydays.
  • Further on, there exist the so-called emergency hardship programs on the local level where you can ask for help and they may give you money to help you. Other humanitarian organizations may be of help as well.
  • Also, you may as well look for a side job. This can turn out especially lucrative if you already have a hobby in which you are very skillful. You may then sell whatever the product of your talent is – either a tangible creation or a service – and exchange it for money. However, if you have no hobbies, or you think you have no talent that can be turned into business, you may do a different thing and ask your employer for some overtime. If your employer allows this, you can work some extra hours and earn some more money.
  • If you have some stuff that you do not need anymore, you can pawn it or sell it and today you can use various websites to do this. We all have a bunch of things we do not use anymore and they are still in our way around the house. Thus, you may also organize a yard sale.
  • Finally, you may ask your family or your friends to lend you some money. Sometimes this can be very inconvenient for the outcome may easily become a broken relationship. However, if you have a very good friend a strong mutual trust exists between you two, it might not turn out bad.

All in all, these are the most usual ways of finding your way out of debt. Hopefully, you were able to find your own alternative among the ones that are offered in this article.

How do I join TSSAR?

Do you feel rewarded when you serve others?  Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Does the idea of ‘Search and Rescue’ excite you?  If so, TSSAR might be a great fit for you!


Who\What is TSSAR

TSSAR is a registered 501c3 nonprofit volunteer search and rescue organization.

All of TSSAR's members maintain a level of training including at least the following: first aid\cpr, CERT (fema), ICS 100  200  700  800 and either Sartech II or III via NASAR standards.


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